Monday, May 21, 2018

The Clover and the Bee

Since we're huge fans of Olive + Oak, we couldn't wait to try The Clover and The Beer, as they have the same owners. Luckily, our friend Julia had a birthday and that gave us all an excuse to try it out!

We were hoping The Clover and The Bee would be easier to get into than its sister restaurant, but since they don't take reservations for dinner, we attempted to use the No Wait app. Unfortunately, Clover is on the small side, and while there were a couple of tables open, there weren't too many four tops to accommodate all of us.

We decided to wait at the skinny "rail" bar that runs down the middle of the restaurant. Even though it wasn't the most spacious, it allowed the four of us to sit close together and share appetizer plates until they could push together a couple of tables. I'd really recommend this place as a date night for two for better chances of getting a table.

Of course we went right for the cocktail list...gin for me, bourbon for Patience!

Gin cocktail

Bourbon cocktail
The two starters we selected were actually quite similar since both included bread for dipping.

Check out all the goodies that come with the Housemade Naan! Olives, ricotta, tomato relish, toasted hazelnuts, and pickled green beans! We enjoyed mixing and matching the different toppings and of course the ricotta was my favorite.

Housemade Naan
The Pistachio Dip included whipped goat cheese and radishes along with the toasted pita, which was a little more simpler than the Naan.

Pistachio Dip
We probably should have stopped at one starter since I was beginning to feel full even before we ordered. Yet, the dinner entrees are a reasonable portion and we still had enough to share bites.

I was immediately drawn to the Braised Lamb with polenta and poached egg! It was really a hearty dish that probably would have gone better in the winter time. (I probably should have had less appetizers too!)

Braised Lamb
Patience and Julia finally agreed to order the Flank Steak and Smoked Brisket after much bartering.

The Smoked Brisket was laid on top of a buttermilk-cornmeal waffle, oddly enough, but definitely my favorite of the two beef dishes.

Smoked Brisket
Flank Steak
The Flank Steak arrived on top of fingerling potatoes and greens with a red pepper butter on top. It was all quite rich!

Our youngest member of the group had an easy winner with the Pasta Al Forno and I highly recommend it if you prefer a pasta dish. This too was weighted down with red sauce and mozzarella. So cheesy!

Pasta Al Forno
After the heavy entrees, we then had to "force" ourselves to eat birthday desserts.

Birthday cookie for the birthday girl!

Chocolate Cookie
Patience and I split the Triple Layer Cake and it tasted EXACTLY like the Boston Creme Cake we both used to get as children from Pepperidge Farm!!

The chocolate mousse and ganache made it amazing.

Triple Layer Cake
(Apologies for the cake telling you that you're number one!)

If I had been on my own, I definitely would have ordered the Chocolate Pot de Creme and eat it like an ice cream cone. At least I was allowed to have one bite, but it wasn't enough.

Chocolate Pot de Creme
(You know it was the best dessert!!!)

While the dishes were a heavy for spring, everything was delicious, and they are just like their sister restaurant with some of the best cocktails and service in town! I didn't realize I was missing out on the desserts...

Brunch or dinner, definitely make time to go soon.

Main Menu

Dessert Menu

The Clover and the Bee =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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