Friday, January 29, 2021

Where we are quaran-dining in January 2021

It feels so great to say 2021 for sure, although I'm afraid I'll be wirting quite a few more "quaran-dining" posts in the new year instead of writing about new food adventures. 

January 3rd = We skipped "Take out Friday" since it was New Year's Eve and postponned it until Sunday night. I had been dying to try the new ghost restaurant, "Wing Runner" from the BEAST Butcher & Block folks. It was fun to try a variety of flavors and paired perfectly with football.

Char Siu Wings

January 8th = The cold weather definitely calls for ramen and we went with our favorite Nudo House!

Hebrew Hammer from Nudo House

January 15th = I had been wanting to try Soup Dumplings ever since they opened and since it was my birthday weekend, this was finally my chance! I am sorry I waited so long! 

Unfortunately, they don't deliver to my house, and the soup in the dumplings lost quite a bit of heat in travel, so this is definitely some place that I'm going to have to visit after COVID so I can eat them fresh. We tried the chicken and beef flavored ones (chicken was my favorite), and I definitely want to try the other ones. 

Soup Dumplings

January 22nd = Pasta House again since Patience wanted some comfort food. I can never say no to that salad!

Pasta House Salad

January 29th = A neighborhood restaurant that had been on my list for a while is River's Edge Social. In addition to bar food, they also have paella and other Mediterranean dishes!


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