Sunday, February 28, 2021

Where we are quaran-dining February 2021

We're still waiting for our turn for a vaccination so it looks like we'll be doing this for several more months...

February 5th = One of our favorite teenagers told us he made his own Flying Pig sauce and then guess what we ended up having for "Take Out Friday"! Guerilla Street Food!

Flying Pig

February 6th = We kept tradition and swung by Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream for National Eat Ice Cream Day for Breakfast as well!

Ice Cream for Breakfast 2021

Then later that night we tried a NEW pizza place! Motor Town Pizza, a ghost kitchen out of Revel Kitchen! The name refers to Detroit style pizza, and boy was this pizza THICK, filling, and tasty! Definitely a must order this winter!

We ordered a few larges and just added our own toppings, although there are many pizzas to choose from. One person can only eat 2-3 slices, they are so thick and heavy, so I'm happy to report there were LOTS of leftovers!

Check out the giant slices of pizza!

February 12th = Farmhaus had been on my list for a while now since they are so close to us, but held off since they are more upscale. Pai and I have only been once, for her birthday, years ago. 

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of picking them the Friday before Valentine's Day as they had a separate menu for the "holiday" weekend that was not published online. 

Our poor Postmate driver had to read the special menu to me over the phone and so our delivery was quite late. I made sure to tip her extra too.

Regardless, our meals were delicious, although a little small. Pai and I split Sea Scallops and a Venison Bolognese with cavatelli noodles. 

Toasted Bread, Venison Bolognese, and Sea Scallops

Farmhaus is probably a better choice for in-person dining.

February 19th = Since Patience had to work late and it was her turn to pick, I asked myself, "What would she pick after a long, cold week of work?" Mai Lee Restaurant of course. I ordered her favorite for her: ducky curry.

Duck Curry
February 27th = When we heard about the flooding problem at Cafe Natasha , you know we wanted to do our part to help out by moving them to the top of the list for "Take out Friday"! Since it's during lent, they had a baked fish special with rice.

Baked Fish Special

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