Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Bulrush Tasting Menu

I didn't realize Bulrush was one of the last restaurants I went to before "the lockdown" also known as "the before times". We had an amazing meal as back then and you could order a la carte. Feel free to enjoy the nostalgia along with me here: 

It's now a distant memory since Bulrush only offers their Ozark Tasting Menu due to cost limitations as Rob Connoley explained to me. (BTW, he's a super nice guy and you get to chat with him during the tasting.) 

We had purchased a gift certificate for a friend since we had food cheated behind her back, and she held onto it all through "the lockdown", hoping for the chance to get to use it. Now, having to make a set reservation and commit to a full tasting makes it a little more difficult, but we finally made the plan to go for her birthday this year.

While the food is incredible, it is a set menu, so there were items I'm just not a fan of such as piggy, beets, and brussels sprouts. Regardless, it is worth it for the experience.

Acorn Explosion

Acorns "three ways" with a surprise "cold soup explosion" inside the round ball. I love the creativity and interesting presentation.

Asparagus Soup with pork belly

The soup was very mild and well balanced for those piggy lovers.

Smoked catfish ice cream 

I admit this one was pretty strange for me as I never had "fish ice cream" before, but I was really impressed by all the different textures from one course to the next, and even within each dish.

Grilled rhubarb bacon and roasted beet

I would label this "the red course" with rhubarb and beets. I liked how you could build the perfect bite or eat the items separately.

Satin white turnip and goat cheese mousse

This "yellow course" was more up my alley as the turnip and cheese melted in my mouth.

Beef short rib

While the other dishes were more "tastings", this was the highlight course for me. The mic drop. One of the best short ribs I have ever had. I was feeling full after this one. It was so soft that it melted in my mouth, just as the mousse had before.

And there is always dessert... too bad we don't grow chocolate in the Ozarks!

Granma Helen's rhubarb crumble with buttermilk ice cream

There is a wine and beer pairing that goes with each course, but we all preferred the cocktails. The cocktails are fantastic on their own.

My gin cocktail was just adorable with this pickled onion on top!

Gin cocktail

Cheers to Rob Connoley for keeping his restaurant going through these difficult times! Be sure to schedule a visit for a special occasion. Especially if you haven't been since "the before times".


Bulrush =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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