Sunday, February 9, 2014

PW Pizza Deschutes Brewery Beer Dinner

The end of January meant the start of another season of beer dinners at PW Pizza and the featured brewery was Deschutes, located in Bend, Oregon. All the more reason to visit the upper northwest, I say!

I was finally smart this time and was able to pace myself through the courses since beer can be so filling and you pretty much can have as much as you’d like for each course. There are even two full pizzas served at each table for the pizza courses so it’s easy to overdo it.

Unfortunately, three of the four beers were way too hoppy…even the first “light” beer, the River Ale, started at 28IBUs. Luckily, both pizzas had a lot of kick to them (first one had roasted garlic while the second one had spicy meatball) to help match up to the bitterness, but it was too much for me.

Easily, my favorite course was dessert: a dark chocolate mousse paired with a Black Butte Porter. It definitely was smooth and creamy like the dessert itself, and yes, we did finish off our neighbor’s chocolate mousse it was that incredible. We ate them so fast, we forgot to take more pictures other than the menu!
PW Pizza Deschutes Brewery

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