Tuesday, February 18, 2014

STL Vegetarian Restaurants

I have had the same discussions MANY times...trying to come up with a list of vegetarian restaurants.

I think it's about time I write these down...this way everyone will have a place to refer back to!

Feel free to message me or comment with any that I may have missed and need to add.

Bahn Mi So
Balkan Treat Box
Beets & Bones - Clayton
Bombay Food Junkies - Creve Coeur
CC's Vegan Spot - south city
Confluence Kombucha
Everest Cafe
Frida's Deli
Frida's Cantina and Grill
Gokul Indian - U City
Gooseberries - south city
Lona's Lil Eats
Love at First Bite - St Ann
Lulu's Local Eatery
Mayo Ketchup - Lafayette Square
Mud House
Peace Love Coffee - St Charles
Pizza Head - South Grand
PuraVegan - Midtown
Seedz Cafe - Demun
Small Batch - Midtown
SweetArt - South Grand
Terror Tacos
Tree House
Tumeric - U City
The Wolf Cafe - Ballwin

Update: The RFT recently posted it's 10 best Veggies Restaurants as well:

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