Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tenacious Eats Moulin Rouge

I know this is another “third-timer” on the STLCheesegirl blog, but Tenacious Eats keeps growing and getting bigger each time I go.

I took advantage of some time off over the holidays since the “five course dinner and a movie” event usually goes until 11pm. But now there are more good reasons to go a little bit early to Meyer’s Grove, where Tenacious Eats is hosted.

First, starting at 5pm, a small band kicks off the night, which is then followed up by a Super 8 film from Tom Stockman, who probably has the largest collection of Super 8 movies in the country if I had to guess. If you follow Tom on Facebook, or on the We Are Movie Geeks website, you can check out his other showings at the Way Out Club twice a month.

Anyway, Moulin Rouge was such a big and flashy movie, the food had strong competition between that and the cocktails created by owner, Dan Stoner and Beth Sorrell, from Cocktails Are Go. Talk about taking things up a notch! Let’s just say this is definitely the only time I probably will ever have a cabernet mixed with expresso or a habanero moonshine mixed with PBR!!

I have to admit that it was hard to pick a favorite course or even a favorite pairing since each one is so unique. It’s just one of those events you have to try once, when you can be out late on a school night.
Tenacious Eats Moulin Rouge Menu


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